Nick’s writing

A fairly random selection, based on what I happen to have in digital format at the moment… My fiction and poetry was mostly written before I owned a computer, so most of what I have is only in hardcopy these days. I’m scanning some stuff in using OCR, so you may see some artifacts here and there.

Older Poems

  • Hunter Poem – written by me sometime between age 7 and 11…
  • Haiku – my first published poem, written at age 11

    Recent poems

  • Fuck Poetry – I recently started wanting to write shock-value poetry about the swing scene. This poem was the first thing I had written in years, and serves as a manifesto.
  • Untitled (Bike Poem) – When I was training for RAMROD, I started to want to try to capture the sensation of paceline riding in a poem.
  • Chase – How is sex like cycling? Sort of inspired by a pretty boy at work I sometimes ride with.

    Book-length stuff

  • The Musical Experience – my 1991 book on empirical music education theory
  • The Rattlesnake Tour – an unfinished experimental autobiography in footnotes, using a narrative of my 1992 music tour through the Southwestern US as a starting point

    Technical Articles

  • DHTML Localization – my cover article for the October 1999 issue of Microsoft Internet Developer
  • Authenticode – when versions collide – another article for MIND
  • Leader of the PAC – authoring and configuring Proxy Auto-Configuration files for Internet Explorer

    Short Stories

  • Etymology – re-telling of a bonding moment of wordplay between me and my uncle Snap
  • Flashback and The Waiting Room – These are two stories I wrote based on dreams. They are pretty much verbatim accounts of dreams, but written as short stories. The intent is to present the chaotic reality of dream-worlds in a matter-of-fact way, as if they are the same as waking reality. My original intent was to write a series of these stories based on my own dreams, and interpose them with narratives from my 1985 visit to Los Angeles, during which I did a lot of work dealing with the 1975 death of my father, to create an autobiographical novel. The idea was that each chapter would begin with waking, and end with going to bed. However, adjacent chapters would move from waking reality to dream reality, such that going to bed in the “real world” would result in waking in the “dream world,” and vice versa.
  • Prologue – When I was 20, I ate some mushrooms that were the wrong kind of poisonous. Later, I wrote about it. “Eve” is the same real-life person that she is in “Flashback.”
  • Francine – Many true autobiographical details from my life (including a disguised version of how I met my first ongoing lover), woven into a coming-of-age story about the type of guy I really hate.