Snake Sessions

Photo-documenting my return to skateboarding since 2001.

I’ve skated off and on since 1975.I grew up 5 blocks from Brentwood school in West L.A., learned to skate on the asphalt banks there, and the world you see documented in Dogtown and Z-Boys pretty much describes the world I grew up in (except that we lived on the “right” side of Wilshire Blvd, which meant that I grew up better educated but never developed the skate skills of the guys we idolized – Tony Alva and Jay Adams and their posse.

In 1978, I placed 5th in the Bay Street freestyle competition in Santa Monica, California. That was the peak of my skating career. Today, I’m a parks-n-pools skater, and I’m better than I ever was in the 70’s, 80’s (most of which I sat out in a small town with little to skate on), or 90’s

Lately, I’ve become involved in skatepark advocacy – trying to help public organizations create quality, cost-effective skateparks that will meet the needs of all levels of skateboarders for years to come.

-Nick (“Snake”) Dallett
nickdal (at)