Optional Subjects In Essay

It will be difficult for you to structure your thoughts but when you think itself structure it under various quadrants what will come in your introduction what will come in your conclusion what will come in your one aspect one angle issues or challenges or arguments for depending on the topic what will be the counter arguments based on the topic so if when you think itself the points if you structure it under these various columns then it will be easier for you to structure your entire essay right so so that is something which you should follow so these are some simple points which you should have in mind so they told you write down all points what comes to your mind and please please it’s not a it’s not a Jesus answer but it’s neither a short story. Get to know more about working with essay subjects at Edusson.

You should substantiate the concept and we take the examples of topics and I’ll tell you how I’ll just give you examples of how you will write the same point in the GS paper but I will use the same point in our essay answer 80 but link it you have studied so much on social issues on India on international relations on world history right on Indian history everything economy Science and Technology everything you have study right so please think on what are the various points that you can that you can cull out from your genius preparation for the purpose of si think what are the various points from the optional subject which should have prepared we have not optional you may be an anthropology optional you may be a sociology optional so there are lot of relevant points from each optional for for the topic that you choose so think whether you can link your because when you write two three paragraphs where you can use your expert knowledge in the optional for the purpose of substantiating of substantiating a point it’s more value something related to you know Indian democracy or simultaneous conduct of elections that is the topic which we’ll discuss then if you if you are provide optional and if you have studied the recommendation see recommendations was not that Commission report recommendations are there or the geographer recommendations are there just think about it unrated right India China diplomacy international relations.

So then think about what are the you know very various facts what is for stock diplomacy second track know first track second track diplomacy various tracks of diplomacy that are there so the idea is try and when you think think of it also consciously try to see whether there is any thing that you have studied for UGS which will definitely be helpful and anything from your optional subject which will be relevant for the topic right which will which will add that much more weight age to the points that you are writing in the let’s say to the to the arguments that you are making in the writing listing it down as 1 to 20 make the quadrant and list it down in those respective quadrants then your structure is already ready then all you need to do is allow upon those quadrants inner cooperation right.