Nick’s Former Life…

Before I got sucked into the world of code, I spent a number of years as a professional musician. That’s actually an understatement… music was my life from the time I was 3, and I performed professionally and taught beginning senior year of high school.

My music career was very diverse – everything from solo jazz guitar performance, to composing for the theater, to free-form improvisation with chamber ensembles. During 1991 and 1992 I toured the Southwest US, produced a weekly radio series called “A Portable Stage” on KSER, Everett, WA., and catalogued the chaotic tape archives of the Northwest Folklife Festival. At the end of that period, I graduated from the “University Without Walls” program at Regis University, Denver, with a B.A. in music. Soon thereafter I hung up my guitar and plunged headfirst into programming for the web, a career which is equally creative and far more remunerative.

When I was still in high school, I started writing a book about music and the way I saw it. I worked on it on and off for about 10 years, and finished it in 1991. I have had it online for a while, and it’s been fairly popular. Parts of it have been serialized in a periodical called The Harmonica Educator. You can find the book here on the site – it’s called The Musical Experience: Integrating Eros in Music Education

When I was still at Foresight, I put together a page of streaming RealAudio material, which I still have here somewhere…

As I have time, I’ve been putting MP3s of my music on the web. This stuff ranges from studio projects (including my three CDs) to unreleased studio experiments, to live tracks with various friends, to chamber music that I composed and performed for many years.

You can browse this material at, or use the links below for a guided tour. Most directories have a readme file giving further information on the tracks in that directory.

  • Dallett and Mays
    Geoffrey Mays and I had a mutual friend and musical partner, the brilliant French gypsy guitarist Francois Fradin. When Francois passed away in 1990, Geoffrey and I met at his wake. I traveled to Eugene, Oregon to spend a weekend going through tapes of Geoffrey and Francois playing together in Geoffrey’s studio, and from those tapes, I assembled a memorial tape of some of Francois’ best tracks. On subsequent visits, Geoffrey and I improvised in his studio on guitars and guitar synthesizers. These tracks are culled from those sessions.
  • Demo Master Tape Group
    DMTG is a studio band consisting of myself and drummer/vocalist Larry Genuth. Our music ranged from rock to fusion to dementia. These tracks include our 1986 EP “Bound for the promised land”, as well as tracks we assembled in high school.
  • Messages
    ParisAnne’s sister Bekah loves to leave us silly messages. We thought it was worth sharing them with the world. From what I’ve observed, becca_cheery_song seems to be the most popular download from our site via Napster!
  • Nick Dallett
    This section contains my two solo albums – Introspection and The Migration Of Morningales, as well as some unreleased tracks, and selections of my chamber music.
  • Polyrhythmics
    The Polyrhythmics are an improvisational ensemble consisting of myself and pianist Steve Markowitz. Steve and I did several impromptu performances at Crossroads Mall with no preparation, and we got these tapes off the board.
  • Sixth Stream Improvisational Ensemble
    Sixth Stream was one of the names that Alex Fowler, Michael Townsend, and I played under in Port Townsend. This material covers a range of improvisation material, including all of the tunes that we released as my album “Introspection.” Also included in this material are recordings from the “Spotlight On Improvisation” series that I gave under the umbrella of The Composer’s Fund in 1987.
  • Twins Before Birth
    Twins Before Birth consists of myself, Deb Seymour, and Liz Savage. We played around a bit back around 1992 when I was playing music full-time.
  • Jennifer Wagner
    Jennifer is an amazing woman who started writing songs recently and has come up with some great tracks in the studio for a forthcoming CD.