Effective ways to edit your paper

If you are here and reading this probably you have some problems with essay editing. Do not panic, here I am going to describe how to solve this problem easily. The process of editing can be even exciting, you can imagine yourself Sheldon, he is fond of proving and editing everything.  So say “Bazinga” and here goes!

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Where to begin to edit my essay?

  • The first and the simplest thing- just read the paper which you are going to edit without correcting anything. If this material was written by you, try to read the text partially, read paragraphs one by one, for instance. It is important to read the paper accurately and thoughtfully. There are such cases when the text is quite simple but the meaning of it escapes. Do not worry. It can be connected with your real physical condition, not with the quality of the written one. Just relax a little bit and writing inspiration will appear later.
  • Further, for better perception of the text, divide the text into the paragraphs. It will help to understand the whole idea and to find logical errors. Also, it is very important correct all the grammatical mistakes because they can spoil general impression of the text. In this case essay editing checklist will help to solve this problem.


Common mistakes

  • I know that sometimes writing process can be harder than raising Thor’s hammer because it is difficult to find proper for describing your thoughts. But there is very simple “formula” for editing the texts. It’s just a combination of a good knowledge of the language and simple common sense. No one likes to read long texts, so try to pick out the main idea without any “water”. Even the length of the sentences can be important for the perception of the whole paper. Very complicated and unclear phrases and words can become a death warrant for your essay. Use Robot Don to check your content against wateriness and readability. 
  • If you have an opportunity- consult a professional editor and pay attention to what changes will be made to the text. He will help to cope with stylistic mistakes such as tautology, misuse of verbal turns, abuse of diminutive forms, etc. and to choose right writing style.

The last but not less important tips

  • Not only grammatical and stylistic mistakes are important but also incorrect facts which can be used in your paper. If you have any doubts, turn to the source of information or double-check the facts on the Internet. A good way to find the mistakes is to read it the other way round. If there is the mistake in writing, you can ignore it and think that everything is written correctly. It happens often. If you read the other way round, then your brain has to understand each word correctly. Read the text out loud.
  • Remember about the aim of editing. Leave the original text as far as possible. The editor’s goal is to correct the text, to make it readable and at the same time to save the manner of the author.

These are all steps which, in my humble opinion, will be useful for you, my dear friend. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s quite normal thing, you will study on them. Train and try again and again, believe me, it will affect your writing style, speed of writing and even will develop your way of thinking. So, I wish you good luck with this difficult but exciting thing.